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Lexington ABA Solutions focuses on collaborating with your child's teacher and other specialists to assist them in reaching their maximum potential.  With a combination of skill acquisition and behavior reduction goals, your child will be ready to learn in any environment. 


The principles of Applied Behavior Analysis are evidenced based and are considered best practices when working with children with Autism Spectrum Disorder.  Our team has expertise when developing a comprehensive plan with other professionals.

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At Lexington Therapies we focus on finding the underlying issues that are affecting your child’s physical, emotional, and language development. We then specialize in tailoring a treatment program focusing on those underlying issues; using specific interventions that help empower your child to reach their targeted goals!


Lexington uses a holistic approach, where therapists collaborate closely with family members, support coordinators and everyone else involved! Through Occupational, Music, and Speech therapy we are able to provide your child with the help they need and prepare parents with the tools they need to continue your child’s progress at home!

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