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At Lexington Life Academy, we believe that every child is exceptional, and their uniqueness should be celebrated. Our school is not just a place of learning; it's a nurturing home where children with autism in Arizona start on a transformative journey toward independence and a brighter future.


We understand the concerns and aspirations parents have for their children, and we're here to help you realize those dreams.

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Lexington Benefits

Here are a few unique benefits and features that set Lexington Learning Academy apart from the rest in Arizona. Our comprehensive learning programs are designed to meet the individual needs of each student, ensuring their success and growth.


Customized Learning Plans


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Free Transportation


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ESA Universal Scholarship:
Empowering Education for Every Child

We are proud to accept the ESA Universal Scholarship as a means of making quality education accessible to all.

What is the ESA Universal Scholarship?

The ESA Universal Scholarship is a program designed to assist families with children who have special needs, such as autism, in securing funding for their education. This scholarship provides financial support, empowering families to choose an educational environment that best meets their child's unique needs.

Benefits of the ESA Universal Scholarship at Lexington Life Academy?

Inclusive Education: Our school is committed to fostering an inclusive and supportive environment for children with autism. Quality Education: The scholarship covers tuition costs, ensuring that your child receives the best education tailored to their needs. Therapeutic Programs: Beyond academics, we offer therapeutic programs that enhance social, emotional, and cognitive development.

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How do I enroll my child into Lexington Life Academy?

Contact the campus closest to you and schedule a tour. The principal and administrative staff can assist with the enrollment process. If you have a student that you would like the district to consider placing at Lexington, reach out to your district representative and inform them that you would like your child to be placed at Lexington.

When does the new school year begin?

We usually begin the school year during the first or second week of August usually on a Wednesday of the new school year. We will have a parent night the Tuesday before where you and your child will be able to come and meet your teacher and talk about all the wonderful things that are planned for the up-coming year.

Does Lexington have a lunch program?

Lexington Life Academy does not have a government lunch program at this time. With the range of student dietary needs and restrictions it is much easier for families to provide a school lunch for their child. You may bring a cold or hot lunch; if you bring a cold lunch please provide an ice pack so that the meal can stay chilled. We do not have a refrigerator that can house a schools worth of student lunches. However we do have a microwave and we are willing to heat food up and teach these skills too. We do not have lunchtime access to a conventional oven, so please avoid bringing in things that need to be baked, boiled, or broiled.

What happens if I do not complete the enrollment/re-enrollment packet by the close date?

With the population of our schools and the heightened interest of families wanting to attend Lexington Life Academy it is extremely difficult deciding who we will accept and in what order. The only fair and reasonable way to determine this is to create a waiting list that follows the rules of first come first serve. If you do not complete your packet on time and reserve a seat we cannot guarantee a spot for your child for the next school year.

What are your classroom ratios: and student capacity of each classroom?

We have a 1:4 classroom ratio and max our classrooms out at around 12 students. If we have 12 students in a classroom we will have 3 paraprofessionals and then the teacher. There would be 4 staff members in the room including the teacher. This allows for maximum levels of support and really allows us to individualize our curriculum and deliver small group instruction. This level of support really allows students to make maximum levels of progress.

What are some of the techniques that are used to work with kids on the spectrum?

Lexington believes that there is not just one approach to working with students on the spectrum. We use multiple evidence based practices, methodologies, and standards; as well as our own proprietary approaches to reach and teach students.

What are the different scholarship options?

There are several funding sources available. Empowerment Scholarship Account (ESA), School Tuition Organization (STO), and private pay options are available. If you are interested in one of these options please reach out and we can assist with applying and obtaining these scholarships.

Does Lexington have cameras?

Lexington has cameras at most of its campuses and in most of its classrooms. Administration, parents, and teachers use these cameras to help students grow and be independent. We can look back at the cameras and create many learning opportunities as well as monitor potential behaviors identifying antecedent behavior from macro-perspective.

Does Lexington have IEP’s; I read that schools that offer ESA do not have IEP’s?

Lexington Life Academy conducts IEP meetings and writes comprehensive IEP’s that really detail the student’s present levels. Lexington Is highly individualized and you will find that our IEP’s and the processes we use to determine students present levels and goal creation is far superior to what a district can evaluate and offer, as our specialization is working with students on the spectrum and we do not have to focus on every diagnosed disability area, we only focus on one, autism.

We just moved here from out of state and we are wanting to obtain an empowerment scholarship (ESA) to attend. How do we go about starting this process?

In order to attend Lexington Life Academy, your child must be enrolled in an Arizona public school or public charter school for 100 days the previous school year starting the first day of school in August. They must have an Arizona IEP as well. There are some exceptions for the 100 day rule, and these would include activity duty military families who have been transferred to Arizona. This would also include pre-school and kindergarteners.

*If you have additional questions or concerns feel free to reach out to the campus near you. When you complete our interest form or enrollment form a representative will get in direct contact with you.

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